Royal Warrant Holders Association


HRWHA – Association and Council Constitution



Highgrove RWHA has the following objectives. 

  • To uphold and promote the institution of The Royal Warrant at a local level with our membership. 

  • To provide representation and communication between its members and the National RWHA together with the other regional Associations, in active and practical support of each other, in ways which further the interests of the Royal Warrant and of Warrant Holders.

  • The Association aims to provide regular opportunities for networking, business to business meetings, social events and other ways to add value to membership for all Warrant Holding companies.

  • To ensure high standards of governance, accountability and transparency in all activities, and in accordance with the Byelaws of the National Association’s Royal Charter.

  • The Association aims to provide knowledge and contact for personnel of The King’s Foundation at Highgrove for its Members, the National Association and other local Associations.


Membership is open to any Royal Warrant Holding enterprise.  Businesses in the process of applying for a Royal Warrant may also be considered for membership.  


The Council

The Council of the HRWHA is the body that manages the affairs of the Association and provides the channel for membership representation to the National Association. 

  • Only representatives from businesses that hold a current Royal Warrant and are members of the National RWHA can serve on the Council.

  • To ensure the Council can best undertake its responsibilities the target is for 8-10 (circa 10% of the current membership) Council members, 

  • Members of Council may serve an initial 4 year term followed by an annual re-election up to 10 years or as long as the Council member is making a valuable contribution to Council.  After 4 years they can be replaced at the request of the other Council members. 

  • All those agreeing to accept membership of the Council also agree, if nominated, to serve as future officers of the Council when requested.

  • All members of Council shall annually sign a conflicts of interest declaration.

  • Members retiring from Council will automatically become Honorary Members of the Association


Operation of the Council 

  • To review annually the mix of Council members to ensure:

    • It is representative of the membership

    • Has the skills to deliver the Council responsibilities

    • Has the right mix of new and experienced members to allow succession planning

  • Annually review the need for recruitment of new Council members and act as a nominations group. All members of the Association may put themselves forward.    All Members may approach and nominate a new Council member.

  • A conflict of interest must be declared at the start of all Council meetings based on the agenda and for any ad hoc topics. The Council member will abstain from the discussion and vote on the topic.



Decisions are taken by the Council.

  • The quorum for Council meetings shall be 6 members.

  • Voting at Council meetings shall be by a show of hands. The President will not vote unless there is a tied vote, when the President shall have a casting vote.

  • From time to time, if necessary, timely decisions may be made by the President, Vice President and members of a sub group. These decisions should be advised to Council ASAP.

  • The Council may by a two-thirds majority vote and for a good and proper reason, remove any Council member, provided that person has had the right to be heard, before a final decision is made.

  • Council members who are office bearers for another local Association may remain on Council and their expertise welcomed in discussion but will not have a vote.


Meetings – AGM and minimum number of meetings

There will normally be five Council meetings held per annum, which includes the Annual General Meeting.

  • Council members are required to attend at least three of these meetings per annum.



The Officers of The Council shall be:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, (London  Representative if not the President or Vice President**) and Secretary.

  • The Council shall discuss proposed succession for Officers of Council at least 6 months in advance. Officers may be nominated by any Council member or may be self proposed.

  • Election of Officers is made by Council nomination and member vote at the AGM

 **The National Association has proposed that the President is also the London Representative, i.e. sits on the National Council during their term of office.   They have also stated they will not amend the rule that all members of National Council must be the Grantee of a Warrant Holding Company.   A London Representative would be elected only if neither the President nor Vice President are Grantees


Duties of the Officers


    • To Chair Meetings of the Council

    • To propose and get agreement from Council of their proposed focus and activity plan for the term of their office

    • To work with the Secretary to ensure efficient and timely activation of all activities during their term of office.

    • To represent the HRWHA at functions/meetings that the Association has been invited to attend.

    • To lead specific projects that might arise from time to time in conjunction with the National and other local Associations.

    • To ensure appropriate communication is initiated out to the Council and members.

    • The President will normally serve one year in office, (or 2?).

    • To represent HRWHA with the Royal Households and The Prince’s Foundation 

    • Ensure the local membership is at the focus of all Council initiatives. 

    • Liaison with local members.

    • Lead the local Association to the best of their ability.

    • Represent HRWHA on the National Council.


Vice President

    • To deputise if required for the President.

    • The Vice President will normally succeed the President after his/her year in office.



To support the President and other Council members in all aspects of the efficient running of the Association, including:

    • To organise Council meetings and the AGM

    • To take and keep minutes of Council meetings

    • To raise any points of governance required

    • To organise Association activities 

    • To maintain the membership list with all email, address and telephone details

    • To deal with correspondence and circulate any relevant information to Council and the membership.

    • To ensure website is up to date

    • To ensure year-end financial report is sent promptly to RWHA on agreed template.


    • To supervise the funds and financial affairs of the Association

    • To keep proper accounts, that show all monies collected and paid out by the Association:

      • Annually with the National template.

      • Present a spreadsheet showing y.t.d. & l.y. transactions, to ensure that any monies held by the Association should be used only for that Association.

    • To maintain  a bank account for the Association under the name of Highgrove Royal Warrant Holders Association

    • Any cheques issued to be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated member of the Council. The Treasurer will normally serve for three years and may be elected for a further year by agreement.


London Representative (Ideally President or Vice President who is a grantee)

The London Representative will attend the National Association Council meetings

    • Fulfil the role as a full member of the National Council. (recognition this may give a conflict of interest where confidential topics are discussed within National Council meetings that cannot be shared with the local Association)

    • To submit a written/verbal report to the Highgrove Council, regarding the content discussed at the National Council Meetings and how those discussions may affect the affairs of the local Associations 

    • To represent the views of the Highgrove Association Council at such meetings as possible.

    • To seek the views of the Highgrove Council on any matters which require feedback to the National Council

    • The London Representative will normally serve for the length of the Presidency/Vice Presidency, 1-3years.  If the President or Vice President cannot serve on National Council, (not Grantee), then an elected representative will be appointed during that period.   

    • Currently, a London Representative can serve for three years and may be elected for a further year by agreement.


Annual General meeting  

  • The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) before 1st April. 

  • All members shall be given at least 14 days notice of the AGM and shall be entitled to attend and vote. The quorum for an AGM shall be 12 members.

  • The business of the AGM shall include:

    • A report from the President on the Association, regarding the activities during the previous 12 months.

    • A report from the Treasurer on the Association’s financial position.

    • To elect Officers of the Council.

    • To consider any other matters as may be decided.


Special General Meeting

A special General meeting may be called by the Council, or by 12 Association members, to discuss any urgent matter.  The Secretary shall give all members at least 14 days notice of any Special General Meeting, together with notice of the business to be discussed. 

All members shall be entitled to attend and vote.


Alteration to the Constitution 

Alteration to this constitution can only be made by the decision of the HRWHA Council following a majority vote and ratified by the membership at the AGM.

Date of Adoption:  AGM 2024 – 1.3.24