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Shipton Mill Limited

A time for everything and everything in its own time. We mill flours of exceptional quality without haste and with scrupulous care. For over 900 years a mill has stood here on the banks of the River Avon each generation producing flour in a time honoured way with respect for the environment and land that the wheat comes from.

The machinery to clean the corn and drive the traditional French Burr Stone Millwheels has been lovingly restored and where necessary modern equipment has been cunningly blended in. Flour of the highest quality is once again being milled by dedicated and highly skilled Shipton Millers as it was in medieval times. There has been a mill here for over 900 years, as recorded in the Domesday Book and even in those days much of the grain milled here would have come from the surrounding fields as it does today. Our farmers choose to farm for our future without the use of chemicals and using sustainable practices that promote soil fertility and regeneration. Buy on line at www.shipton-mill.com

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Long Newnton
United Kingdom

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