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Horse Weigh

Horse Weigh manufactures mobile weighing platforms in the United Kingdom for horses and other livestock, using quality British engineering. We export around the world. All models are PC/Bluetooth compatible, 100% waterproof, can be stored outside, have a +/-1% accuracy in weight recording, and do not require recalibration.

Around 30% are supplied to studs, 30% to trainers, 30% to vets and 10% charities and others. The most popular models are the Olympic and Curragh. The Mini Tokyo and the Mini Tokyo-Thoroughbred both fit in the back of a small car. All models now have a hardwearing Astroturf flooring and we offer wide and narrow options. No model requires a power source, all have a quiet weighting environment, and do not require horses to stand still. They are proven to last for up to 15 years.

william@horseweigh.com · 01939 220667 · www.horseweigh.com

Neuadd Isaf
Llandrindod Wells
United Kingdom

Supply & Maintenance of Horse Weighing Equipment