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Emorsgate Seeds

Emorsgate Seeds was established in 1980 and grows seeds of native wildflowers and grasses. These seeds are supplied throughout Britain for use in the creation and restoration of species-rich native grasslands and other habitats. This work supports biodiversity and wildlife, and creates a pleasing and healthy environment.

Wild plants are the foundation on which all life and biodiversity depends. Emorsgate Seeds grows crops of around 250 native species on farms in Norfolk and Somerset, and "brush harvests" seed from wild sites across Britain. These seeds are used to create around 3,000 acres of wildflower-rich grasslands each year on farmland, in gardens and on public open spaces. Through our work we have helped to slow the loss of biodiversity across the British landscape, and we hope that we can continue this, and do much much more in the future.

enquiries@emorsgateseeds.com · 01553 829028 · www.wildseed.co.uk

Manor Farm Langridge
United Kingdom

Suppliers Wild Flower and Grass Seeds