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Flying Fish Seafoods Co. Ltd

Founded in 2006, Flying Fish has been fortunate enough to be serving some of the greatest Chefs in the UK, sticking behind our ethos of delivering the best seafood the county has to offer to the best restaurants within 48 hours of being caught “Ship to Plate in 48”

The passion and dedication that our team shows towards the fish is exemplary, as a company our commitment to responsible sourcing and the highest industry practices are rigorously followed to protect the rich and ample stocks we currently enjoy.

Flying Fish is proud to supply the best ingredients in an efficient and personal way, providing a real taste of Cornwall along the way.

sales@flyingfishseafoods.co.uk · 01726 862876 · www.flyingfishseafoods.co.uk

Old School Industrial Park
Moorland Road
Indian Queens
United Kingdom

Supplier of Fresh Cornish Seafoods