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Dengie Crops Limited

Dengie is the leading manufacturer of alfalfa-based fibre feeds for horses and livestock. Our alfalfa is grown and harvested in the UK to ensure full traceability and the highest quality nutrition for every horse. Dengie's renowned Alfa-A and Hi-Fi brands are exported throughout Europe and around the world.

Alfalfa is a very nutritious plant containing abundant levels of minerals such as calcium and essential amino acids, making it the ideal feed for performance horses and breeding stock. Its high-fibre content makes alfalfa sympathetic to the horse's digestive system, providing a natural but nutritious way to feed horses. Independent research has shown that alfalfa-based, high-fibre diets promote a healthy digestive system and reduce the risk of problems such as colic and laminitis. A team of highly qualified and very experienced nutritionists are available to prepare personalised feeding plans and offer advice on how to improve dietary management. A forage analysis service is also available.

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