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Bedmax Ltd

Bedmax produces bespoke bedding for horses. It is a large-flake, purpose-made, 100% natural, dust-free shaving made from British pine. Used by all sectors of the equine industry, Bedmax has a Royal Warrant of Appointment granted by Her Majesty The Queen, for the supply of shavings to the Royal Stud at Sandringham.

Launched in 2000, Bedmax is used in the UK and overseas by eventers, show jumpers, trainers, racecourses, vets and equine hospitals. Tailor-made specifically for horses, this is an easy-to-use bedding made in Britain from British pine. Containing no preservatives, it benefits from the antiseptic properties associated with pine. The flakes are designed to produce a deeper, more aerated bed and are made in strictly controlled conditions to ensure the same high quality in every bag. This bedding provides a healthy, dust-free, stable environment. It maximises cushioning for joints, minimises moisture that can damage hooves, and provides maximum comfort and support.

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